20k+ cancer lives saved successfully with immunotherapy

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Treatment without surgery

Painless Cancer therapy

Excellent for patients resistant to chemotherapy & radiation

Complements chemotherapy & radiation

Zero side effects

Fights cancer by strengthening immune system



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Dr. Rishi Sharma-

Internationally famed immunotherapist

serving 45+ countries patients.

First Indian Cancer Immunotherapist

To Get Felicitated In House Of Commons And House Of Lord's, Weistminster, London

(United Kingdoms 🇬🇧)

Dr Rishi Sharma’s Impact

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Hear From Cancer Thrivers

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Ajay Toshniwal

Dubai | Prostate Cancer

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Poonam Gupta

Kolkata | Ovarian Cancer

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Louis McCarthy

Rodrigues | Hepatocelluar Cancer

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Carlos Velcran

Venezuela | Hodgkin lymphoma

Live longer & stronger with Candrol Immunotherapy

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    Provides quality life to stage 4 patients

Immunotherapy is pain-free, and it improves overall well-being in terminally ill patients.

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    Prolongs life

Candrol immunotherapy has been proven to extend life span in terminal cancers.

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    Prevents recurrences

By targetting very specifically on target lesions relapses can be prevented.

Immunotherapy Works in 3 Steps

Boosts targeted disease specific immune response.

Targets cancer cells.

Retards cancer growth.

Why Choose Immunotherapy?


Painless treatment

Revives immune system

Award-Winning Oncologist

Most trusted immunotherapy oncologist of the year (world wide) , felicitation in HOUSE OF LORD'S, LONDON

Most trusted cancer immunotherapy brand in India

Best immunotherapy oncologist in Rajasthan

We’ve been featured in

Healing stories

Our Oncology Team

Dr. Rishi Sharma

Director & Founder of Candrol Immunotherapy Protocols For Cancer This approach is the only science of future medicine that can change the defination of cancer treatment , based on very scientific and strong foundation of metaphysics and molecular biology.

Dr. Shikha Tankha

A dynamic senior consultant and another gem in the panel. Dr. Shikha Tankha did her M.B.B.S. from the very prestigious S.M.S. MEDICAL COLLEGE. She is, in the true sense, a great physician and master in taking cases and communicating the pros and cons of diseases to the patients.

Dr. M.K. Sharma

Sr. Advisor and Consultant Physian

With the 30+ years experience in the field of medicine, Dr M.K. Sharma is a very honorable member in Dr Rishi s team. He has been awarded by the Rajasthan State Health Minister.

Dr. Pooja Sharma

Oral Dental Surgeon with Speciality in Oral Cancer Cases

Dr Pooja Sharma shares her expert opinion in diagnosis of oral cancer cases and is a pioneer in differentially diagnosing 100’s of oral lesions. Her acceptance and experience with Dr Rishi’s Protocol-Candrol has led her to serve patients suffering with various carcinomas to treat with only Candrol.


Immunotherapy FAQ’S

(Answered by Dr Rishi Sharma)

Immunotherapy is a new type of cancer treatment that helps your immune system fight cancer. Some types of immunotherapy have become a standard part of treatment for certain types of cancer.

You can have immunotherapy on its own or in combination with other treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Yes, since immunotherapy works on your immune system it can work with every type of cancer.

With Cancer it’s always better to get a second opinion. No one modality is proven to treat cancer completely. A holistic approach always works better, no matter what stage of cancer one is in.

YES , its comparatively very much affordable. Infact its considered to be one of the most affordable treatment options now a days.



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